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關於 5minSkin 手持式激光脫毛儀:

  • 永久脫毛:幾次使用即可明顯減少,不到 12 次使用即可完全脫毛。

  • 適合所有人:對所有膚色和髮色都完全安全。通過色素從根部去除金發和深色頭髮,因此5分鐘皮膚無法去除白髮。

  • 每週一次:全身激光脫毛療程僅持續 5-10 分鐘,每週進行一次。

  • 省錢:您再也不用預約脫毛了。無需更換產品或補充。

  • 方便:任何人都可以安全地從頭到腳使用5minSkin手持設備,包括上唇、下巴、腋窩、腿部、手臂和比基尼線。

  • 快速簡單:應用非常簡單,您可以在短短幾分鐘內治療身體的任何部位。

  • 安全無痛: 5minSkin 的臨床手持設備可安全用於家庭激光脫毛,為您帶來永久、光滑的效果 - 在眼睛附近進行治療時,我們建議使用隨附的護眼裝置。



Revolutionize your shaving experience

  • Safe, easy to use, Painless

    No more nasty razor burns, cuts, & ingrown hairs. Achieve hair-free skin without the pain of shaving and waxing. Completely safe on all body parts.

  • Reclaim Your Time

    5 - 10 minutes once a week is all it takes to complete a full body session and permanently remove all unwanted hair.

  • Works everywhere

    Our Laser Hair Removal Device helps you take on the world with confidence and is portable for touchably-soft skin wherever you go.

  • Unconditional 90- Day Guarantee

    Take advantage of our no-questions-asked. If you don’t fall in love with your skin after 90 days, we’ll issue a full refund.

Thousands Of Happy Users

We evaluated how many weeks it took for us to stop our hair growth, ideally trying to stop hair growth a couple months into weekly use.

*Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

5minskin Vs. Competition

Built-in Glide Mode covers more skin surface area for a faster hair-removal experience (5 - 10 minutes).

Takes 5x longer on average to achieve similar hair-removal results.

Sleek & ergonomic design fits into the palm of your hand and travel luggage.

Outdated & clunky handsets are heavy and difficult to travel with.

IPL Laser permanently removes hair with visibly smoother, silkier skin in 1 to 2 uses.

Traditional laser devices only target the hair follicles with no benefit to the surrounding skin tissue.

Safely & effectively removes hair on the most sensitive and difficult to reach regions such as bikini, Brazilian, face, underarms, and more.

Laser light is monochromatic, non-divergent and targets only very specific concerns.

Hair Removal Just Got Way Easier...

Its easy to use system & quick results let people overcome their hairiest
problem areas and achieve the silky, smooth skin they deserve.

After just one or two sessions, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly & visibly your hair growth has slowed.

After just one or two sessions, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly & visibly your hair growth has slowed.

After just one or two sessions, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly & visibly your hair growth has slowed.

*Disclaimer - results may vary from person to person

The 5Minskin Difference


Long-lasting Results

Eliminates Ingrown Hairs

Convenient & Easy To Use

Precision Hair Removal

5 Minute Sessions For Flawless Skin

Save On Salon Treatments

Suitable For Most Skin Tones

Works On All Body Parts

Painless, Permanent Hair Removal

Less Hair, More Savings

Don’t overpay for painful treatments that deliver underwhelming results. Ditch the razors, waxing kits, and clunky outdated laser guns. Switch to the 5minskin IPL Device and save thousands of dollars with a simple one-time time purchase.









Will 5minskin Work For Me?


Choose The Skin Tone Closest To Yours:


Which Color Matches Your Hair Root Most?:

Love It In 90 Days Or Don’t Pay

No hassle, no fuss, love it in 90 days or get a full refund on us.
If you're not completely satisfied in that time you won't pay a dime.

1,000+ Happy Customers

See why thousands love 5MinSkin

"I was hesitant at first, but after using this device for a few weeks, I couldn't be happier with the results. The hair on my legs and underarms is practically non-existent, and I can wear whatever I want without worrying about unsightly hair. It's easy to use and painless, and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend this device to anyone who wants smooth, hair-free skin!"

Cathy T.

"After a few weeks of using this IPL device, I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. My legs, underarms, and bikini area are completely hair-free, and the hair that does grow back is much finer and lighter than before. It's easy to use and doesn't take much time, and the fact that it's an at-home device means I can use it whenever I want. I’ll never pay through the nose for another salon hair removal session again"

Clifton Martin.

"I've tried countless hair removal methods over the years, but this nifty little device is by far the one I like the most. It's completely painless, super quick to use, and the results are amazing. After just a few sessions, my underarms and bikini area are smoother and softer. I'm so happy I decided to invest in this device, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants silky-smooth skin without the pain of waxing or shaving."


"This handset really exceeded my expectations. It's fast, effective, and easy to use, and it's a fraction of the cost of going to a salon. I've been using it for a few weeks now and noticed a significant reduction in hair growth. If you're looking for an affordable and convenient way to remove unwanted hair, this device is definitely worth testing out."

Nicole Labadie.

"As someone with sensitive skin, I held off on trying laser hair removal devices out of fear, but this one is incredibly gentle and effective. It doesn't cause any irritation or discomfort and is easy to use on even the most delicate areas. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I've already noticed a significant reduction in hair growth. I'm so glad I gave this a chance!"


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a non-invasive and painless technology that uses high-intensity light to target and destroy hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

IPL hair removal can be used on most areas where unwanted hair grows, including the legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, back, arms, and face.

Most users notice a swift reduction of hair growth after just 3-4 uses, with complete & often permanent results after 4 weeks. Some people may need touch-ups beyond that.

If you don’t love your results in 90 days, you get a full refund on us, no fuss.

Yes. IPL hair is a popular, well-researched, safe option for effective long-term hair removal.

IPL is generally painless and well-tolerated by most, especially when compared to other methods of hair removal such as waxing or electrolysis. Most people describe the sensation as a mild warming or snapping feeling, similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Most people notice a swift reduction of hair growth after just 3-4 uses, with complete & often permanent results after 4 weeks. Some people (not everyone) may need touch-ups beyond that.

Most people experience an 80% reduction in hair growth with many experiencing permanent results. But it’s important to note that some people may require occasional touch-up treatments to maintain their results over time.

While IPL hair removal has been around for several years, it has only recently increased in popularity thanks to a combination of technological advancements, social media influence, and a growing interest in natural and sustainable beauty solutions.

  • Pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Those with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, lesions, open wounds, or active infections.
  • Anyone with abnormal skin conditions related to diabetes or other systemic diseases.
  • Users of steroids within the last three months.
  • Those with a history of herpes outbreaks, unless a physician has administered preventive treatment.
  • Individuals with epilepsy.
    People with active implants such as a pacemaker, incontinence device, insulin pump, etc.
  • Those with photosensitivity-related diseases, like porphyria, polymorphic light eruption, solar urticaria, lupus, etc.
  • Those with a history of skin cancer or areas of potential skin malignancies.
  • Anyone who has received radiation therapy or chemotherapy within the last 3 months.
Please consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions about using the 5MinSkin IPL Device.